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Stan PerfeX- Long neck large - Blackout - Thumb

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The PerfeXTM is a release aid platform that offers an exact match between handles regardless of the mechanism inside. You can buy them with a Thumb activated mechanism inside, or with a Resistance activated mechanism. Regardless of which one you choose, the fit and feel of the release handle is identical and offers the exact same fit, feel, and most importantly point of impact. Not close, EXACT.

Featured on this page is our Thumb activated PerfeXTM model. It’s mechanism offers the fastest lock time in the industry and minimizes the possibility of string interference. Not only is the speed faster than any other release on the market, but we have also expanded the traditional range of trigger tension adjustability from ridiculously light to absurdly heavy and everything in between. All this and the ability to set for zero trigger travel. No compromises, just exceptional performance. It comes in both long and short neck versions in sizes ranging from small to X-Large.

The short neck models increase your draw length by a little over a quarter of an inch and are ideal for those looking to maximize the speed they get out of their rig. A cool and notable difference between the short and long neck versions is the spring loaded string keeper on the long neck version. For those who like to leave their release clipped to their d-loops, this is your ticket.For those of you looking to hunt with a PerfeXTM, all models come with a lanyard boss on the bottom of the release and the long neck model also has the string keeper and comes in a BLACKOUT finish.


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