About Us

Buckeye Archery Supply Employees

Bill Fahl

My passion for hunting began in my early teens in upstate New York. I didn’t find my true passion until years later when I picked up my first compound bow. That passion has grown into an obsession which has led me to the desire to own an archery pro shop and share my passion
and knowledge with everyone.

 My son and I share the passion for hunting and archery. Troy and I enjoy spending our time shooting in local 3D events and hunting. I enjoy teaching Troy the specifics on archery equipment repair, tuning and becoming a better archer.

Cody and I are humbled with this opportunity to support our archery community and grow the business so our customers can have a place to enjoy their archery passion as well. I am very excited to apply my business experience and knowledge of hunting/archery along with Cody’s vast knowledge and experience to create a successful business model that will be sustainable
for years to come.

Nathaniel (Cody) Hatton

Nathaniel is the owner of From field to Art LLC and now co owner of Buckeye Archery supply.

From field to art is a premier skill cleaning and hydrographic business. He started hunting at the age of seven harvesting his first whitetail with his father. He is no stranger to the woods. His passion for hunting and archery played a huge role in his success throughout his life. He was born in Lancaster Ohio but has lived his whole life here in Chillicothe.At the age of 27 he has already had a lot of success in the whitetail woods with quite a few nice bucks under his belt .

Cody has managed all aspects of the Detty Outdoors business for the past six years. One of his biggest things he lives life by is “you can always learn something from every body. “Wisdom is not gained from speaking but rather listening”.

“The day you stop listening is the day you stop learning”.