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AAE Pro Blade - Standard - .008

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AAE’s proprietary hex alignment launcher blade system allows the archer to change the blade without having to re-adjust their tune.

The Freak Blade utilizes AAE’s proprietary hex cut-out for precise launcher blade replacement.  This blade is specifically designed for the skinniest of FITA arrows used for outdoor shooting.  The arm length, width and depth of the fork cut were tested and evaluated by Jesse and our team resulting in the most accurate launcher blade in the industry.

The Standard Blade is the most versatile of all the launcher blades.  The width allows for a wide range of arrow sizes while maintaining the fork lenght and depth of cut this blade has become famous for.  This blade also utilizes AAE’s proprietary hex cut out for precise launcher blade replacement.

The Wide Blade was created for use with large diameter indoor and 3D arrow.  the wide blade maintains the proportional fork and depth of cut length while scaling up to support the largest of arrow.  This blade also utilizes AAE’s proprietary hex cut out for launcher blade replacement.

Available in 3-thicknesses, 2-lengths, and 3-tip widths.


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