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Avian X

Avian-X HDR Strutter

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Rounding out the full flock of decoys and postures in the Heavy-Duty Realism series, the HDR Strutter brings an unprecedented level of realism and detail. This convincing Tom allows for intricate customization when using advanced tactics on mature, wise birds. Interchangeable heads with two distinct aggression levels and an adjustable tail fan make the HDR Strutter multiple birds in one " able to mimic a mature Tom or a youthful jake for an arsenal of setups. Flocked feathers, realistic legs and a stunning iridescent paint scheme further authenticate reality down to every last feather. The strutting wing pieces and fan also remove easily for real, feathered substitutions.


  • Strutter Decoy
  • Two Removable Heads
  • Injection-Molded Fanning Tail Fan
  • Removable Wings
  • Mature Synthetic Beard
  • Heavy-Duty Stake
  • Decoy Bag


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Avian X