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Bowfinger 10" XL Hunter Stabilizer

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The XL hunter stabilizer will give you a more forgiving setup and better pin float which will lead to tighter groups and tack driving accuracy. Bowfinger’s exclusive thick-walled carbon fiber tube with a tough epoxy painted finish provides extreme, unmatched durability. The XL stabilizer includes Limbsaver’s® black broadband dampener providing an extra element of vibration, hand shock, and noise reduction. Matte black anodized end caps and two, 2oz weights complete the XL Hunter Stabilizer.

*One black ring is provided with the XL Hunter Broadband Dampener. 

 8”  Bar:  7.6oz total weight (total length 8.9”)
10” Bar: 7.8oz total weight (total length 10.9”)
12” Bar:   8oz  total weight (total length 13.5”)                                                       
14" Bar:  8.2oz total weight (total length 14.9")


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