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Bowfinger XCH Stabilzer - 12”

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The XCH epoxy painted bar not only offers a high class look but provides the toughest, most durable finish available in the industry that is topped off with a tough clear coat providing ultimate protection for years to come. Bad weather conditions, not a problem for the XCH Stabilizers by Bowfinger Archery. The smaller .625 diameter carbon tubes decrease wind drag and facilitate a steadier aim and more accurate shot in windy conditions. The Bowfinger XCH Target Stabilizer surpass the typical target stabilizer by providing the target archer with maximum stabilization, a balanced shot and overall improved accuracy.

10" - 4.00 oz
12" - 4.25 oz
15" - 4.65 oz
26" - 6.25 oz
28" - 6.50 oz
30" - 6.80 oz


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