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Bushnell Broadhead Laser Rangefinder

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The Broadhead Rangefinder is the most accurate rangefinder designed specifically for the archery market, with consistent results across all target colors and types. Class-leading 0.3-yd accuracy out to 150 yards, high-speed ranging, and the ActiveSync™ display set the new standard for archers.


Ultra-Fast Scanning – When holding down the range button, the Broadhead automatically goes into scan mode where it updates range 4 times per second. This gives you more information and faster to get you on target quicker.


EXO Barrier Lens Coating – The Broadhead rangefinder’s glass is molecularly coated with our exclusive EXO Barrier to repel water, oil, fog, dust and debris. This guarantees you’ll have a clear view when it matters most.

  • INDUSTRY LEADING +/- 0.3-YD DISTANCE ACCURACY OUT TO 150 YARDS – Tested on a full range of targets including 3D archery targets and animal hides ensuring range is accurate in any environment.
  • CONSISTENT ACCURACY ON ANY TARGET– Bushnell has solved the pain of ranging dark, low reflectivity targets. Broadhead's Full Spectrum ranging system gives accurate, consistent ranges with the same 0.3 yard accuracy out to 150 yards.
  • ACTIVSYNC DISPLAY – Auto-adjusting black-to-red reticle and display fluidly morphs to your background for maximum contrast and readability in all conditions.
  • ARC TECHNOLOGY WITH +/- 1-DEGREE ANGLE ACCURACY – ARC (Angle Range Compensation) accounts for terrain angle, giving you true distance to target on uphill and downhill shots.
  • SEE YOUR TARGET AND ENVIRONMENT IN TRUE COLOR – Fully multi-coated optics with ultra-wide-band coatings provide bright, true-to-life colors without a color tint that can make it difficult to see in low light.
  • 2X BRIGHTER – A 50% larger objective lens paired with an all-glass optical system bring more light to your eye for a brighter image, adding critical time to your hunt at dusk and dawn.
  • GET A LAY OF THE LAND QUICKLY WITH SCAN MODE – When holding down the range button, Scan mode updates range 4X per second for fast, reliable ranging. Scan mode also works with Near and Far ranging modes.
  • EXO BARRIER™ PROTECTS YOUR OPTICS FROM THE ELEMENTS– The coating molecularly bonds to the glass, repelling water, oil, fog, dust and debris, protecting it from anything mother nature throws your way.
  • Precision ground glass - Fully multi-coated and featuring our Ultrawideband Coating for increased light transmission, color, and contrast while also reducing unwanted flaring.
  • MAKE SURE YOU ARE READING THE RIGHT TARGET WITH NEAR & FAR RANGING MODES – Brush mode ignores foreground objects — brush, trees and branches — and provides distances to background objects only. Bullseye mode acquires the distances of small targets without inadvertently measuring background object distances.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES – Durable carrying case, paracord and lanyard tether. The Broadhead also fits perfectly in the new Vault™ laser rangefinder pouch.
  • Has 1/4-20 threaded mount for use on tripods and other stabilization devices.


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