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Deception Scents

Deception Scents 32oz Field Spray

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Deception Scents provides a remarkable solution to eliminate scents, whether it be yours or your hunting partner’s (was referring to your dog but maybe your buddy needs some help).  Our 32oz. Field Spray is a liquid product that oxidizes odors.  Use it to pretreat your clothing, gear, or whatever else stinks when you go out on your next big game or predator hunt.  Do not spray it directly on your buddy’s skin. Although this product is designed for pretreatment of gear it works great on your dog's bed too. This product has been around for over a decade eliminating odor in different industries.  Sorry it took us so long for us to bring it to you!  At least we are here now…you’re welcome!  Be more than unseen!


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Deception Scents