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Latitude Outdoors

Latitude Outdoors Gear Strap

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We believe that every inch of every piece of gear should provide value and purpose within your system. You should never bring more than you need into the woods. The Latitude Gear Strap was designed with this principle in mind. 


At only 3oz, the Gear Strap packs into a tiny package, but organizes all of your necessities in the tree. It comes with 5 removable loops so you can customize your strap and reduce bulk by eliminating unused material. A dedicated backpack attachment provides single-handed adjustability so you can change the height of your pack on the fly and our gated G-hook ensures the strap and your valuable gear are securely fastened to the tree. 



Customizable – Gone are the days of gear hangers that have way more loops than are needed, adding unnecessary bulk to your system. The Latitude Gear Strap comes with 5 removable loops so you can add and subtract exactly what is needed for your system.

Adjustable Loops – With our sliding loop design, less loops does NOT mean less options when hanging your gear in the tree. The location of each loop can be adjusted on the fly, as-needed after attaching the strap to the tree, so you can place your gear exactly where needed throughout the hunt. 

Dedicated Backpack Hanger – Backpack location is a debated topic amongst saddle hunters. Hang it high where it is easily accessible and it could get in the way of making a shot; hang it low and it is hard to reach. The dedicated backpack attachment point on our Gear Strap provides single-handed adjustability to eliminate this problem. Keep your pack low and out of the way during the hunt, but easily raise it for access without having to unclip and reclip to different loops.

Secure Attachment – The same gated G-hook used on our saddles attaches the Gear Strap to the tree, so you can have piece of mind the strap will never come undone and your gear is secure at all times. A single, fixed loop doubles as both a hanging location and grab handle to make attaching the strap to the tree a breeze. 


Total Weight: 3oz (even lighter if you do not run all 5 loops!)

Strap Length: 6.5'

Movable loops rated for 1500lbs

Back pack adjuster rated for up to 200lbs


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