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Swat Broadheads

Swat Broadheads Hybrid - 100 grain - 3 Pack

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 The SWAT HYBRID is the new FIXED 4 BLADE broadhead by SWAT for 2019.  Constructed of HARDENED STEEL ferrule with .036 hardened SS blades.  The broadhead is extremely compact and has a total cut of 2 3/8".  The SWAT HYBRID is not a barbed head because the blades release when removed from a target or animal (check all your state and local game laws).  The other feature of the SWAT HYBRID is it can also be shot as a mechanical head and is the most compact mechanical head on the market.  The HYBRID has field point accuracy and is crossbow approved.  Shoot SWAT Broadheads and Drain Your Game!  


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Swat Broadheads